Envase Order AI - Powered by Dray360
Automated order entry designed to reduce errors and save time
Make your work orders less work
Verify data
Improve accuracy and speed with intelligent data recognition and continuous machine learning
Connect your pricing
Go from delivery order to quoting with ease
One solution across applications
Increase your efficiency with Envase Order AI’s customizable technology
TMS Partners

Extend the value of your system by connecting to Envase Order AI‘s productivity enhancing functionality

Process Automation

Streamlined work order intake into a time-saving flow

Error Reduction

Complete data capture and identification of anomalies

Industry Specific

Tailored to intermodal drayage

Proprietary Knowledge Acquisition

Complex customer rules transformed into automated actions

Continuous Learning

Ongoing adaptation of new & changing work order input

Workforce Optimization

Flexibility to refocus workforce to higher priority tasks

It’s so exciting being on the forefront with Envase Order AI and a part of this new technology that will change the way we all do drayage!

– Dominic J. Pacella, Cushing Transportation Inc.

How it works

Work orders are received by Envase Order AI
via email, file or manual entry

Order details are extracted,
corrected and normalized

Modifications are learned and integrated
into processing engine

Business rules, including order type,
location, and customer-specific
variations, are applied

Input is reviewed
and approved

Data is transferred and
dispatch-ready in TMS

...and it works with:

With Envase Order AI, order entry is one-and-done...


…easy process for inputting, updating & approving work orders


…minute to review and approve.
No data entry, minimal errors.


…rules engine to apply business specific functions.

One simple tool manages all of the complexity


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